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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

quality time with daughter and friends

actually I'm back home in Szczecin -
after spending one week with my friend Monika AND visiting my daughter and having great times with my friends Angelika and Gaby. So many new ideas, good moments and heartwearming memories - THANK YOU friends
A nice fabric package from Ohio, and two Secret Pal envelopes waited on my table!
Actually my luggage isn't empty now but I'ld like to invite you to Camille's blog, she has a unbelievable giveaway for her one-year-anniversary: one of us can be the lucky winner of a great quilt! YES: a quilt
this was a fantastic tip from Jeanne
have a sunny day - I'm away with Nelli (my Ami cocker) and the Dachshund gang (6 of them!!) for a nice walk

Pictures are promised for tomorrow

1 comment:

Angelika said...

Liebe Brigitte,
schön, daß Du heil zu Hause angekommen bist. Es war sehr schön, Dich hier zu haben :))) Nun bin ich auf Deine Fotos und Berichte gespannt.
Herzliche Grüße