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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

more cards

Valentine, Birthday or just a friendship note -
occasions are enough to send a cute card, right? no excuse needed here


Rosa Robichaud said...

Hi Brigitte!

LOVE the cards that you've made!!!

Hmmmmm.... I wonder if I'm on your list?!?? *VBG*

And, yes the background to your blog is GORGEOUS and the picture of the quilt, at the top - that's the quilt that you made for Monika, right? Is that your dog? *grin*

I wish I knew how to add a cute background to my blog... mine is just plain, in pink.

Oh.. BTW, I just added myself to your blog, as a "follower"... *s*

*off to work, soon*

Rosa Robichaud said...

Hey, Brigitte!

Thanks to your blog background advice, I modified my blog page a bit. *s*

BTW, you have an "Award" to pick up - go check out my blog, pls... *grinning*

Congrats on your Award!!!