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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Vacation - report part I

DH is 4 weeks on vacation here ( 2 are already gone )
no big traveling planned, just little trips depend on the weather

First we spent 2 days in the Black Forest Region, very lovlely landscape

and had a family gathering.

We made a trip around and stopped at the Rhinefall, right across the Suisse border

We visited the Titisee - too many tourists!!!

but look at this cute sign

On our way back we drove via ferry over the Bodensee from Staad to Meersburg.
I bought some small goodies at a quiltshop in Immenstaad and at the evening we had lunch in Lindau


stufenzumgericht said...

Seems like a very pleasant vacation
- liebe Brigitte, das ist ja ein schöner Urlaubsbericht, verrätst du uns auch, in welchem PW-Laden du gelandet bist ;-)
GlG, Martina

Cyn said...

Beautiful trip and great pictures! Thank you for sharing... next time I will volunteer to go along and carry your bags! lol