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Friday, January 01, 2010

Christmas pictures and SSCS

Today I'ld like to show you our tree and some gifts I got.

My friend Monika's husband Gerd restored a wooden sewing box, my father built for my mother in the fifties, when I was born. Later he made the same box once more for me (this is now Monika's). I am so glad to see this beauty in this perfect condition and I'll use it daily in the new home we are moving to soon. BTW: it was filled with many lovely goodies: fabric, DVDs, sweets and so on - THANK YOU Monika !!!

This are the gifts my SSCS partner Shelley from Australia sent to me:

a Christmastree made of Yoyos,
a cupcake bookmark, a little key/creditcard fob and
3 pieces of christmas fabric and a selfknitted scarf

Thank you, Shelley

Shari showed the goodies I sent to her on her blog - thanks Shari!

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