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Friday, September 09, 2011

Amish Quilts und die Kunst der 60er Jahre in Kaufbeuren

Yesterday I made it to an exhibition called „ Amish Quilts und die Kunst der 60er Jahre “ ( Amish Quilts and die art of the 60s / Minimal Art ) in Kaufbeuren.
An example:
an Amish Center Square from the Lancaster area and Josef Albers.
What’s common and where does the ideas come from?
Imi Knoebel’s “Revolver III” also worked with the square.

Tumbling blocks from Ohio and Victor Vaserely.
The lady who explained the background had really interesting informations.

I took some pics to think about later, especially Imi Knoebel’s work touched me.
But I don’t allow myself to start something new right now. Have to finish my WiPs first and some projects, which have to be ready to travel with me to California in January. Ah, and there is Xmas this year as well, doesn’t it?

BTW: there was a movie about the Amish (50 minutes). Lots of lovely sceneries, especially the barn building of the whole community was quiet impressive. I knew about, but have never seen it in action before.
Well worth the trip IMHO
The exhibition is open until November 6th

ok, I'm off the puter now to start working on my houseduties and WiPs ;-)

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Cyn said...

I love Amish quilts, too. They are so colorful and graphic.