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Friday, September 23, 2011


I’m running a Dear Jane group at the LQS for one year now, explained all the different techniques.
I teached about measurement of sashing and border tris, Linda-Franz-method, how to add the scalloped edge,how to cut real bias binding two different ways and so on – all the basics.

This week I asked the girls to count their blocks and pieces to get an idea
how much we got done in 12 months.

It’s a little bit hard to push the ladies, some have to take care of their (old)parents or are still dealing with children. Two of them are big gardeners and in harvest they are really busy – you get the picture.

I have the counting of 8 of us – the summary so far is:

388 blocks, 6 triangles, 4609 pieces

The funny thing is, most blocks (109 !!) have been made from a woman who wasn’t shure
about handpiecing and how much DJ blocks she’ld like to sew ;-)

Hope to get the missing numbers of the other participants next month.
Even the pieces of the 109 blocks hadn't been counted - so the final # will be much bigger.

I made 26 blocks for my taupe Baby and 1 tri AND 10 blocks for the European Birthday swap. And some example blocks in white/winterblue which I didn’t counted.

I have to give the Baby more attention and make more progress, otherwise it’ll not get to Belgium in 2o13.

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Cyn said...

Wonderful accomplishment. It takes a lot of time to prep and teach -- you did a great job. Look at all the skills you brought to others. Very nice of you.
Never fear, dear friend... you will make it to Belgim. Perhaps we can inspire eachother - I really need to get back to my Christmas Baby Jane.