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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Christmas in September

Today I was surprised from Linda in Waco, NE - she sent me all the fabrics and two Magazines just to make me happy. SHE DiD !!!!!! Fantastic neutrals, Creme-on-Creme and Thimbleberries. Couldn't believe it - now I'm dancing around

and (once more) I am totally lucky to "know" quilters all over the world via WWW
Please don't think, I am lucky BECAUSE of this gift! I'm lucky to get in touch with heartwarming, communicative, creative and encouraged women all over the world.

The other postentry was also a fantastic gift: from Monica She sent me one of her first paperpiecing advantures! My first HEART block :-)
Dankeschön, Moni - dickes EXTRA bussi nach LG
I collected many, many patterns but had only done one until today.

That's the next on my agenda - AFTER finishing my Round Robin I got today.
It is Martha's from NY - I have to add the last round, started thinking - but no idea right now.

(thank's Dawn's fantastic workshop on her blog I'm able to include the LINK this way now!!! Thank you Dawn!)

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Shelina said...

Wow you've posted so much eye candy. Your gift receipts are wonderful. Beautifully pieced heart blocks, lots of wonderful cream fabric (I can think of lots of uses for them), and magazines. You're going to be busy for a while using all that.