Looking forward to the big move into our new home in September

Sunday, September 24, 2006


Yesterday my husband and I relaxed during a nice meal outside nearby, while he told about his first impressions from his Poland trip. Exciting news: he rented a flat and is going to live there from the beginning of October. He is looking forward to start his new duty and I'm curious to see our next place to live.
We eat "Reibekuchen" with salmon, that's a local potato recipe - yummy and enjoyed one more summer days in September.
At least we spent the evening outside also ....

My daughter seems to have her first date, that's going to be interesting.
BTW: she is 18 - I wish her luck!

Today I have been lazy, but not too lazy
at least I sewed 3 blocks for Clare - they are going into the postoffice

a folded spool pattern:

broken dishes:

this is a Pat Sloan FREE pattern with 3 D wings

Tomorrow we have to get up very early, because we want to drive to the longest street fleamarket in Wuppertal, right under the "Schwebebahn"

Let's see, may be there will be pics posted tomorrow
good night for now (0.21 am)

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Hedgehog said...

Just love those red and white blocks. Have a great day at the fleamarket!