Looking forward to the big move into our new home in September

Thursday, June 14, 2007

SURPRISE - never ending

today we moved DD (Ines) furniture and washingmaschine into her first own flat with the help of Angelika's husband and son - like I said before: FRiENDSHiP !!

AND she surprised me again with a cute selfmade strawberrybaer. The German translation is: "Erdbär" (strawberry=Erdbeere)

Two years ago we both made a bear together, mine traveled with DH to Afghanistan. Now she did a red bear with tiny embroidered knots and a green hat for me - it is a darling !!!!!!!


I am totally speachless!
Yesterday my little quiltgroup (of 4) celebrated my last participation of the monthly meeting.
We met at Gaby's home, she opend in a Bengali dress (she is married to Salek -35 years now-, he is from Bangladesh) and she offered first a delicious raspberry/eggnogg cake - hmmmmmmmm and in the evening a very special FANTASTIC Bengali dinner - GREAT
between both meals Gaby presented a departure present to me:

a quilttop!!!! cream-on-cream with plaids from Lunghis's (cotton dresses men wears in Bangladesh) - I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!

Afterworth the 3 other ladies presented me a very flat ~ 20" package ........... wrapped in violet paper and it is

drummroll please

an embroidered Quilt "Jane's Quilt Garden" from http://www.lindamyers.com/
I was totally overwhelmed and speachless, it is a BEAUTY!!!!!!!!!

Angelika, Brigitte, Inge and Ute worked each a quarter, they talked about how long it took: each women worked about 40 - 45 hours to stitch it for me
Isn't that real friendship ?????????????????
BTW: I moved to this city nearly 4 years ago, so we know each other not the whole life ....

I am still in tears