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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Janiac work in progress - part II

One of the most sewn DJ blocks could be D 13 "Fields of Dreams"
This is the block which is used for Signature blocks worldwide. I participated in 2 international swapps, one European and organized one German swap AND in a special Christmas Siggy Swap. All this blocks are sitting patiently waiting to be assembled.
I started with my center without any idea how to set the Siggies, by name or color ....

*** klick on the picture to see it big ***
In the center of my beginning I made 2 siggies with black unsigned centers in memory of 2 quilters who influenced my life, but are not with us anymore. Charlotte was such a special woman, she was the senior of the Berlin group when I started. The other reminds me of Helga, which lost her battle against cancer. She was also a very talented beader.
In the first round are siggies located from special people, like Brenda Papadakis herself, Caroline from Belgium, Kim, my friend Monika and Dianne from Saskatchewan. Sheri from Naperville, who offered me a bed one night, Mary (my Secret Pal one year), Hanne from Norway, which I met in Copenhagen at Tilde's home in 2oo4 (?). Sue Baddley who quilted my turquoise quilt, Ingrid, Ute and Sigrid from the Ruhris are in this round.
more to add

Janiac work in progress

when I told about the new Janiac group in Bavaria ( 15 women all together!!! ) I mentioned my WiPs
the first project actually isn't a WiP anymore, it's finished:

Due to DH's duty we have to move every ~ 3 years, before we left Duesseldorf to Poland in 2oo7 the Janiacs from the region (a very supportive, warmhearted group!) surprised me with red/black blocks. Needless to say, I was in tears .....
Love this little quilt, so nice memories in it

The next project I want to show is a Round-Robin a small private Yahoogroup I'm part of did some time ago. Some of the members I met when I traveled to Shipshewana in 2oo5.

Kim made a wonderful Log Cabin border

but the hit is the darling little Papa's star in the corner

look at this darling little DJ blocks:
B 1, J 4 and a K 13 variation

love this funny fabrics

what do you think, might I add a border on the top?
halloween greetings


Gisa aus Hamburg feiert ihren 1o.ooo Besucher
mit einer holzigen Überraschung ....

schon die Kistchen sehen so nett aus,
aber was mag wohl hineinkommen?
husch husch, schnell hin!

step by step

This week I have to announce: I made 3 blocks so far
- perhabs there is one more coming!
D 3,

E 11

F 5

are done during the last 3 days!
my signature now reads: My taupe DJ 12-0-0-81
happy dancing

Friday, October 15, 2010

Longarmquilting experience

speaking of making progress in reducing UFOs -
Don't pile the UFOs - get them quilted!!!

I started to get my tops longarmquilted in 2oo5. Before I first traveled to my beloved Amish village Shipshewana in Indiana I send my Round Robin top to one of the local shops. Colleen worked on my quilt just in time, so I was able to see it still on the frame and she made the last stitches when I watched the process. That was a special moment in my life. I gave no rules and asked her to see what the quilt told her and she did a wonderful job!
Tried to find a pic but seems I have to make a new one soon.
Than I met Sue from Utah, who also has a longarmbusiness. She does wonderful work!!
My turquoise quilt was quilted by her. I got the fabrics from my DJ Secret Pal and added the Siggy rectangles the ladies signed in 2oo5. Sue quilted spools, buttons, cutters and scissors - perfect!
Now French friend Valerie of the DJ community who lived for some time in the States came back with her own longarm machine. She now quilted the first quilt of my friend Monika. I think I will send my text quilt to France!!!


quilty Jewelry

hopping from one blog to the other I came to 2 blogs which catched my eye.
Pam and Debbie, both from CA are designing quilty jewelry. I love jewelry .... who wonders?
Actually they have a cute giveaway - but without the luck of the winning person we can order this cute little charms, maybe for somebody else?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

UFOs - never ending story

Today Pat Sloan started the 12 Days of UFO Busting Tips!
Start to count them - YES, that's scary - hmmm?
Now Pat mentioned to organize them by the status
from almost done to barely started.
Go visit her blog and follow her tips - very clever
Some of you might remember I started to finished UFOs

When I showed my DJ project on Monday 2 of them are UFOs, just topps
One needs the triangle border, which is pieced already
the Halloween Round Robin is ready to get sandwiched
Today I found another DJ UFO: the beginning of my Siggy quilt
I started in the center with 2 plain/black centered D-13 blocks, in memory of 2 quilters who influenced my life and are not here anymore. Helga und Charlotte had to be part of this memory quilt. Next round are Siggies from special people, like Brenda herself.

Tomorrow I'll make pictures, I promised to post them


I am very glad positive thoughts helped a dear friend on the other side of the big pond during her surgery

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

ecxiting NEWS from southern Germany

yesterday was THE day here, we established a new Janiac group!
Karin, the shopowner of my LQS wanted to start her own journey and I'm ready to start my own Baby SERiOUSLY -
so we started a group.

14 women attended to the first evening, where I gave a lot of information and showed pics of various colorways and different settings on my netbook.
3 projects from me had been on the wall, a halloween-round-robin with DJ blocks, a Row Jane made from red and golden Christmas fabrics and the little quilt I made from red/black blocks I got, when I moved from Duesseldorf. * Pics later *
I prepaired 3 binders with the blocks I made so far: the first 9 blocks from my taupe projct, the collected Fall Frolic Blocks from 2 swaps and white/blue/silver Christmas blocks I made.

They also got irst ideas of the useful tools like rulers and software.

I spoke about the history of the quilt, Brendas work and the amazing community of women worldwide. Of course the wonderful Retreats in Shipshewana
(I attended in 2oo5) and the amount of fabrics where other subjects.

Just 1 woman decided that this project is too big, to scary for her
and one went home thinking if she’ll start with us.

Imagine 12 women signed in!
We splitted the group, one in the afternoon another in the evening - once per month.

Next week we will discuss their style, coloration, background fabric and start with an easy peasy M 10. Than I'll let them analyze the quilt, which blocks are made the same way: 9patches and 4patches ...

The journey began!

In my next post I'll show you my fabrics and first blocks

Happy dancing
My taupe DJ 9-0-0-66

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

cute blog

after some time I visited again the cute blog of Tricia, she offers such funny things for free

THANK you Tricia!

Monday, October 04, 2010

new version

after some time of playing with the LINK Franca sent I got the trick
here comes my new Signature:

TADA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Drummroll please

Dankeschön für Deine Hilfe, Franca

Vielen Dank für Deine Erklärung, Franca - ich werd sie mir gleich mal speichern, falls ich die Signatur mal ändern möchte.
So sieht sie nun aus, meine Signatur

just a short note to my English readers:
this is just a special thanks to Franca, who helped with instructions to get my Signature under the posts