Looking forward to the big move into our new home in September

Friday, September 29, 2006


Just a quick note, to let you know: I'm still alive ;-)
This week has been very busy with several office duties, my husbands last week here in Düsseldorf took attention. Last but not least I spend one day at Regine's home, together with Sabine and Iris and we "fighted" with very tiny beads. It was my first try to crochet a little ball, I do have experience with crochet (in the round and flat) but to start with only 5 beads and to double them in the second row with "nothing" in your hand is really hard -
BUT at the end I did it with sucsess.
Today I leave for the weekend to spend a funny time with about 35 women, all bead influenced.
Tuesday is the day, my husband travel to Poland to start his new job there.
So Monday will be busy with getting packed.
please be patient, you will see pictures at least on Tuesday with fantastic beadjewelery, I'm shure.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

tired, but lucky

We got up at 5.15 am and reached the fleamarket at 7.3o am. That's very, VERY early for me - just for the reader, which don't know me in person ;-))
But you know: the early bird ..........

this fleamarket is located under a train, which is hanging under the construction, as you see here. Special feeling, to stand on the street AND to sit in the train (we tried both - smile)

At the end we both returned very lucky. My husband got a paraffin lantern, used in the past from workers showing the traindriver to stop

tatata !!!!!!!!!!!

and I was surprised by my DH with this
pink children sewingmachine from the 60's,
I think. The wooden box's measurement is ~ 8" x 4,25"

Isn't she pretty???
2 glasses for egg-flip, special cleaning clothes, 2 old books (one with Goethe's colortheory and the other with lovely illustrated fairytales) ended in our house also

couldn't be better!
have a nice Sunday


Yesterday my husband and I relaxed during a nice meal outside nearby, while he told about his first impressions from his Poland trip. Exciting news: he rented a flat and is going to live there from the beginning of October. He is looking forward to start his new duty and I'm curious to see our next place to live.
We eat "Reibekuchen" with salmon, that's a local potato recipe - yummy and enjoyed one more summer days in September.
At least we spent the evening outside also ....

My daughter seems to have her first date, that's going to be interesting.
BTW: she is 18 - I wish her luck!

Today I have been lazy, but not too lazy
at least I sewed 3 blocks for Clare - they are going into the postoffice

a folded spool pattern:

broken dishes:

this is a Pat Sloan FREE pattern with 3 D wings

Tomorrow we have to get up very early, because we want to drive to the longest street fleamarket in Wuppertal, right under the "Schwebebahn"

Let's see, may be there will be pics posted tomorrow
good night for now (0.21 am)

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Queen and scissorfob

Yesterday was great fun with Sabine: we played with glassbeads for ~ 800 $, she ordered in the States for 9 women. We sorted and packed the bags for them. Unfortunatly I didn't took a picture - the whole floor in her livingroom was filled with tubes, little baggies and boxes - a big colour flash.
So much fun!

After this hard work we spent the evening in the memory of Queen and Freddy Mercury - GREAT!

Today in the morning I finished one of 2 scissorfobs, which are going on tour to dear friends tomorrow.

At least: nothing new from the "water front" today. I'm waiting and waiting ...

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Tuesday duties and fun

do you really want to see the damage on the wooden floor in my kitchen?

Today we (Sabine, 7 other beading ladies and I) are hoping to get a big box from Firemountains with DELICAs!!!!!!!
This are tiny seed beads, very precise done - ideal for techniques like Brickstitch, Peyote, Herringbone. They are produced in fantastic colours and several shapes: see here Delica
In the evening I’ll see the Queen Musical in Cologne with my friend Sabine (instead of my DH, who is in Poland right now)
Sweet P posted this LINK and played the game also, here is my result:

You Are 20% Left Brained, 80% Right Brained

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Monday, September 18, 2006

good NEWS and bad news

to start with the good NEWS:

this is the old one
(with 5 drawers)

my new (used) beadDRAWER arrived
in my (not only) sewingroom.

10 drawers instead of 5!

hope to get my beads better organized now.
To give you an idea here are the pics

This is my beloved BERNINA, I own for 19 years now. She is working very well and I do hope she don't know, that I started thinking to buy a new Bernina (440 QE with BSR). To make the machinequilting easier
Please don't let her know!

the BAD news is:my kitchen/diningroom is crowded now. The refrigerator stands in the room and 3 cupboards are emptied and removed from their original place -to find a REAL desaster behindwater standing on the wooden floor, the wall is in a bad shape The reason was also found: the thing whitch close the water outside during the wintertime wasn't working correct - so one drop after other ruined the wall and floor AND part of my kitchen cupboard also.Now I'm waiting until the right spare part is avaiable, hope to get the water stopped tomorrow or Wednesday ....

Better I'll return into my room to reorganize my beads!
thats much more fun then seeing the kitchen/diningroom Posted by Picasa

Sunday, September 17, 2006

quiet, but busy Sunday

sorry, no pictures today!
I have to be busy, cleaning and sorting my (messy) sewingroom -
because I'll get a new metallic drawer (like architects use)for my beads.
Boy that work had been nessecary. Tomorrow I'll be able to take pictures (who knows how long it looks this way - smile) That's a mysterium to me, in just a few days there is the same crowded situation like before ....
On the other hand we have to get the luggage packed for my DH. He is traveling to Poland Monday morning for one week to meet his new boss .....
AND I have to empty some kitchen shelves, because the artisan is coming tomorrow to renovate the wall (water damaged the wall andmould grew).
Unfortunatly this man hates dogs - or is anxious ? so I have to take Nelli out of the way the whole day ........
she will hate it, not to see what is going on, from where is the noise coming ....
"see" you tomorrow

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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Hearts, part ONE

These are the three HEARTblocks I got from Monica:
aren't they a real good start for a new quilt? :-) Posted by Picasa

Christmas in September

Today I was surprised from Linda in Waco, NE - she sent me all the fabrics and two Magazines just to make me happy. SHE DiD !!!!!! Fantastic neutrals, Creme-on-Creme and Thimbleberries. Couldn't believe it - now I'm dancing around

and (once more) I am totally lucky to "know" quilters all over the world via WWW
Please don't think, I am lucky BECAUSE of this gift! I'm lucky to get in touch with heartwarming, communicative, creative and encouraged women all over the world.

The other postentry was also a fantastic gift: from Monica She sent me one of her first paperpiecing advantures! My first HEART block :-)
Dankeschön, Moni - dickes EXTRA bussi nach LG
I collected many, many patterns but had only done one until today.

That's the next on my agenda - AFTER finishing my Round Robin I got today.
It is Martha's from NY - I have to add the last round, started thinking - but no idea right now.

(thank's Dawn's fantastic workshop on her blog I'm able to include the LINK this way now!!! Thank you Dawn!)

Posted by Picasa

Thursday, September 14, 2006


Monica asked today, which surprise I was talking from

in one of the previous posts.

Here it is

She told me (before my trip to her) she is starting to collect HEART blocks for a Valentine quilt she wants to have one day.

In her house is one wall in the entry hall perfect to represent a quilt. She made several quilts for different seasons: Xmas, spring, summer ..... collected many stars for a quilt BTW: more than I collected :-((
but no autumn and no Valentine blocks now :-)

After my first steps in "writing" I thaught this might be a funny idea to start with a heart block, which is actually not a REAL heart

I have to confess, right now my posts are not looking like what I planned to have ........ more luck, than knowledge

Today arrived a lovely surprise from Dawn http://dquilts.blogspot.com/
in Illinois!
THANK YOU Dawn !!!
Now I am the lucky owner of the fantastic Gee's Bend stamps, a little needlemap and an intersting folded fabric,which is going to be part of something special in the future. I would like to open the folding to see a bigger part, but I'm afraid to get it refold.

here you see the always very interested Nelli,
which said: no picture without me!!!

Sunday, September 10, 2006


Sorry dear visitors,
but the computer crashed and my dear husband worked hard and spent a new motherboard and a DVD burner. Thank you Peter!

Now I’m back to normal – nearly

We spent a nice time in a special German area “Erzgebirge”, DH worked there years ago and met old friends. It is a hilly region with fantastic mushrooms (attention: the red ones are poisonous) Posted by Picasa

We tried to take pictures from different mushrooms, to print them on fabric later.

My friend Monica and I want to have a autumn-quilt in the future .......

Don't you think,
we could add this colorful pic, too?

My husband took pictures at an old (remodeled)
trainstation and I loved this ironed clock.
Should be a nice quilting or trapunto pattern.