Looking forward to the big move into our new home in September

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

last additions

Yesterday evening I enjoyed "Die Schatzinsel" on the TV and appliqued F-13

Tuesday I'm busy inside with housecleaning, washing and so on. AND:
I'm busy sewing little Xmas decorations, the International Ladies Club and the Rotary Club is going to seel on Saturday. The money we get is earmarked for a child project.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

jippi - now the pictures

I just found out, WHY my last tries didn't worked. It was the 12" problem (so called in Germany) - that means the problem was sitting in front of the screan: ME ;-)

When I made the DJ block B-11 last week I had problems also. The first went fantastic (I made it in fall-fabrics) the second one turned out to small. The outer circle didn't fit - so I added stripes and triangles and created my own B-11 - smile

third try

after two tries without luck - I hope this one will go through:

have been so lazy with blogging, ladies

I traveled via Lüneburg to visit my daughter in Düsseldorf, spent a relaxing weekend at our Retreat in the hilly region Bergisches Land, met close friends and had a good time. Gabi cooked a Bengali meal especially for me (I love it!) and showed her fabrics she bought in California, Sabine invited the beading girls, Anglika served my favorite soup (Graupensuppe). Brigitte was also there, that was very special to me to show them the Dear Jane x-stitchery framed - just fantastic days!
On the way home I picked up my friend Monica and we enjoyed our company some days in my fantastic studio before her husband arrived to celebrate my Birthday here with us. I got fantastic gifts and realized to be one year older now :-(
Next day 13 German women visited to have a "Kuchenschlacht" - hard to translate for me. I offered a lot of different cakes and we had a nice afernoon. Luckily my dog was very friendly with so many people and two kidds, trying to kiss her ;-)
On the quilting front nothing really extraordinary happend, but I made some progress on my Baby. Together with Monika we found out how to sew some different blocks, so I finished Hunter's Moon and Parchesi -
next post will be pictures just to show two of them.