Looking forward to the big move into our new home in September

Friday, August 26, 2011


Due to the discussion about a FW 221 offered on ebay in the States I'll show my baby here (again). The seller is asking
- attention! - $1,200.00 !!!!!
Isn't that crazy?
My baby is called Angel Edna,
due to her # AE o7777o, built in the US in March 1936
YES, it runs still with the 110 V machine and I bought a converter to run it with the European 220 V
BTW: I paid ~ 308 $ in 2oo5 .....

Thursday, August 25, 2011

our DJ group got some input

The Janiacs, meeting and learning together in Höchstädt once per month (1 year now) met last Saturday to welcome my friend Sabine Lohse. She finished her version of the Dear Jane patterns ~ 2ooo, it was for shure the -before-EQ-aera. So she draw all the blocks on her own with EQ 5(?)

It was a great AH and OH in the room
Some got overwhelmed, like "I'll never reach that goal" or "I'm not that perfect" and so on - but at the end I hope it got more motivation to work on their own Baby.

Sabine also brought her wonderful Piecemaker applique quilt

AND last but not least
her Quilted Diamonds blocks,

all done by hand and partly assembled to hexagons.
Again she designed her own layout - this is going to be a gorgeous quilt too.
Due to the fact that I influenced her with the beading-bug she don't quilt anymore -
until now I hope ;-) She promised to work on her Diamonds again

Friday, August 12, 2011

Überraschungen sind etwas Wunderbares

Vor wenigen Minuten klingelte es und ich bekam ein kleines Pakerl von meiner Freundin Monika - einfach so
Eine sehr schöne Karte, sehr gut duftende Seife, ein kleines Herz, eine Webkante und 2 spannende Bücher
ein superschönes Nadelkissen - in meiner aktuellen Lieblingsfarbe
Vielen DANK Moni!!!! bist ein Schatz

Surprise! My best friend Monika sent me a little parcel, just for fun
a wonderful card, nice smelling soap, a little heart, selvage, 2 books
an embroidered pincushion in my favorite coloration
THANK you so much, Moni

do you remember Sesamstrasse?

Today Karin, the shopowner of my beloved LQS is celebrating her birthday. The next 4 weeks I have to survive, because the shop is closed: vacation! buhuhuhuhu
Tonya Ricucci and Elizabeth Hartman are doing GREAT letters and words, both on their own way. I did letters in the past and was shure I'll come back to them again and again. In fact I do have at least two projects concret in the planing status :)

Karin and I are nearly the same age and I remembered the scene from Sesamstrasse, when Ernie (or Bert?) opened his trenchcoat and asked very mysterious " do you want to buy an A?" - or B, C, D .....
loved this - hope she has the same memories ....

So I made Karin a " K "