Looking forward to the big move into our new home in September

Friday, December 31, 2010


Happy New Year to everybody!
we are celebrating the easy way, just the 2 of us -
AND the scared doggie of course, Nelli hate Sylvester
too much noise outside

HEALTH, love, friends, creativity and time that's what counts the most for me

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Frohe Weihnachten - Merry Christmas

Den Besuchern meines blogs wünsche ich ein frohes Weihnachtsfest und eine schöne Zeit im Kreise Eurer Lieben

"Zwischen den Jahren" wünsche ich Euch Zeit zum
Faulenzen, Lesen, Spazieren, Nähen oder Quilten,
Sticken oder Stricken oder an der Eisenbahn
Ich werde hoffentlich einige DJ Blöckchen nähen können -
und was habt Ihr geplant?

Merry Christmas to my English spoken readers
Enjoy the free time before the New Year arrives
I hope you'll have time to be
lazy or read or walk or sew or quilt or knit or embroider
What do you prefer?

Monday, December 13, 2010

doppelte Chance

Juchhu - Ilona verlost die gleichen Goddies wie Irene vom Bastelzimmer
wenn das nix ist ...... viel Glück


heute möchte ich auf ein tolles Candy hinweisen, das allerdings ich zu gewinnen hoffe ;-)

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Wer einen Engel sucht und nur auf die Flügel schaut,
könnte eine Gans nach Hause bringen.
( von Georg Christoph Lichtenberg)

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

8th of December

Today I got a cute little santa and Mrs. Dr. Susan bucket (to translate the German name: Frau Dr. Elke Eimer) - so funny

and I finished 2 DJ blocks: B 3 und E 1 during TV time in the evening

Monday, December 06, 2010

Nikolausi * Teil 2

Morgens dauert es immer ein Weilchen, bis ich RiCHTiG wach bin .....
Nachdem ich nun schon gut eineinhalb Stunden wach war entdeckte ich ein verstecktes Pakerl mit einer sehr interessanten Form

Dem Papier nach zu urteilen, muß mein Mann zumindest beim Einpacken geholfen haben.

Wir hatten dieses hübsche Tablett vor einiger Zeit an einem Sonntag im Schaufenster gesehen und er ist dann extra nach Nördlingen gefahren. Die Verkäuferin meinte erklären zu müssen, dass es so abgeschabt aussehen MÜSSE - worauf er sagte, er wisse das nenne man Shabby Chic .... Ihr Gesicht hätte ich gern gesehen.


Entgegen unserer Familientradition habe ich in diesem Jahr kein Gläschen Eierlikör für den Nikolaus und keine Schale Milch für das Rentier vor die Tür gestellt.
Zum Glück ist der Nikolaus aber trotzdem zu mir gekommen. In dem Adventskalender meines Mannes

fand ich eine Hör CD auf die ich mich schon sehr freue: "Charlotte MacLeod's Mörderische Bescherung"
Da meine Freundin mich in diesem Jahr ebenfalls mit einem Adventskalender überrascht hat konnte ich mich noch über lustig gestreifte, mollig warme Kniestrümpfe freuen.

Das Pakerl von ihr habe ich allerdings noch nicht ausgepackt, da mein Paket an sie -trotz der Ansage, es wäre am nächsten Tag dort noch nicht angekommen ist. Ich habe es am Donnerstag versandt.
Also gibt es später hier sicher einige Bilder zu sehen

For my English spoken readers:
I'm talking about "Nicholas"
In the morning of the 6th of December especially children are curious what Nicholas put in their boots during the night. I love to celebrate this day, may be that's the child in me. Pictures later
BTW: we are getting new snow today!

Wednesday, December 01, 2010


Menschen zu finden, die mit uns fühlen und empfinden,
ist wohl das schönste Glück auf Erden.
** Du weißt, wer gemeint ist **

Advent und seine Freuden

Dieses Jahr bin ich reich beschenkt zum Advent
"jo, iss denn scho Weihnachten?"
This year I got many, many lovely gifts:

Ines, meine Tochter hat mich mit einem schönen, lila Adventgesteck erfreut - selbst gemacht, in ihrem Lieblingsblumenladen "Rosengarten"
My daughter Ines made this cute Advent-decoration for me - in my favorite color: violet

My dear husband surprised me with a little box, inside 24 little parcels, for every day until Christmas (we are celebrating on the 24th). How cute - AND wrapped in violet paper ;-) Today I found this cute little horse, it now is standing at the frontdoor. Damit hast Du mir eine GROßE Freude gemacht!

My friend Monika sent a big parcel to my Birthday, one big box is filled with 24 packages as well, so I have to open 2 gifts every day! pictures later -
Doing a happy dance here

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

real winter arrived

Yesterday we got snow the whole day, that is how it look likes now:

I prefer to stay inside but I have to make a trip to the customs later

Sunday, November 28, 2010

10 000

crissi asked for a screenshot of her 1oooos visitor
here it is

trip back home

On my trip back to Bavaria one highway was closed due to slippery roads, I had some snow and took another highway. Glad this way got straight ahead to Germany's biggest quiltshop - haha
But I was very really brave, bought just one special ruler in quilters "heaven"
I took this picture while I drove

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Elaine's giveaway

After traveling to a Retreat and 2 friends for one week I'm back in Bavaria.
Early snow was part of the journey.
I have to thank Sabine and Gabi, both without blog for hosting me. Spent one day with my daughter, which we enjoyed so much.

Go visit Elaine's blog, she is celebrating her Birthday and a giveaway!

More pics and report later, glad to be at home again

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

first snow !!!!!!!!!!

Today we got the first snow,

could'nt believe what I saw

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Accuquilt GO! giveaway

Once again I try to win a Accuquilt GO!
Linda from Ontario is giving one of this machines away and 3 dies!!

Yes´, I know more than 500 comments so far, but without trying ....
so please keep the fingers crossed for me

Friday, November 05, 2010


Rosa just told a funny story on her blog, gave me a smile.

I had a kind of blackout today, which scared me totally
Today I put my Bernina, a caddy with my sewing tools, my passport and wallet (with creditcards!!) and my iPhone in front of the door at the carport. Went around the house to get my car out of the garage -
drove right ahead to the quiltstore for a workshop
Realized there that I totally forgot to pick up my stuff and put it into the car
So I turned around and back I drove.
Luckily my neighbour was in his garden and wondered about the things. Nobody opened the door, when he knocked at the entry (just the dog inside ...)
So he packed an old cover on top of the pile
With at least 4o minutes delay I started my workshop
I'll show you the cushion tomorrow. The ultimate, last seam was wrong ... so Mr. Seamripper has to help before I'm able to show it to you
*** Don't need adventures like this ***

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

drops and circles

Actually I'm motivated to let my Baby grow
2 blocks where made during one evening: B 1 and C 9

the signature is: My taupe DJ 15-0-0-94
Today I made a trip to another quiltshop - and ( surprise !! )
some pieces of fabric went with me and a magazine
Tonight I'm working on E 1

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

guardian angels

"Please don't drive faster
than your guardian angels can fly!"

new face

from time to time I play with a new outfit here
This is the Birthday month, that's why I choose this design from the cutest blog
Actually I know my best present: my friend Monika and her husband are coming!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Janiac work in progress - part II

One of the most sewn DJ blocks could be D 13 "Fields of Dreams"
This is the block which is used for Signature blocks worldwide. I participated in 2 international swapps, one European and organized one German swap AND in a special Christmas Siggy Swap. All this blocks are sitting patiently waiting to be assembled.
I started with my center without any idea how to set the Siggies, by name or color ....

*** klick on the picture to see it big ***
In the center of my beginning I made 2 siggies with black unsigned centers in memory of 2 quilters who influenced my life, but are not with us anymore. Charlotte was such a special woman, she was the senior of the Berlin group when I started. The other reminds me of Helga, which lost her battle against cancer. She was also a very talented beader.
In the first round are siggies located from special people, like Brenda Papadakis herself, Caroline from Belgium, Kim, my friend Monika and Dianne from Saskatchewan. Sheri from Naperville, who offered me a bed one night, Mary (my Secret Pal one year), Hanne from Norway, which I met in Copenhagen at Tilde's home in 2oo4 (?). Sue Baddley who quilted my turquoise quilt, Ingrid, Ute and Sigrid from the Ruhris are in this round.
more to add

Janiac work in progress

when I told about the new Janiac group in Bavaria ( 15 women all together!!! ) I mentioned my WiPs
the first project actually isn't a WiP anymore, it's finished:

Due to DH's duty we have to move every ~ 3 years, before we left Duesseldorf to Poland in 2oo7 the Janiacs from the region (a very supportive, warmhearted group!) surprised me with red/black blocks. Needless to say, I was in tears .....
Love this little quilt, so nice memories in it

The next project I want to show is a Round-Robin a small private Yahoogroup I'm part of did some time ago. Some of the members I met when I traveled to Shipshewana in 2oo5.

Kim made a wonderful Log Cabin border

but the hit is the darling little Papa's star in the corner

look at this darling little DJ blocks:
B 1, J 4 and a K 13 variation

love this funny fabrics

what do you think, might I add a border on the top?
halloween greetings