Looking forward to the big move into our new home in September

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Right now I'ld like to invite you to visit Bente's blog.
She is giving away a 50 $ gift certificate from the Fatquartershop. Hurry up, it's ending today

Life is getting in the way, but I'll post some more pics tomorrow afternoon.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

won a fantastic paper giveaway

Barbara is running a really special blog, love to visit it daily
I wrote about the giveaway I won, today the fantastic Christmas papers arrived! 20 pieces, 12" each - one better than the other


Christmas production

this year I finished 3 christmas projects: the cornucopia, a tabletopper and a cardholder for the christmas post coming in

Impression of table decoration

A D V E N T - day # 10

by mistake I opended # 11 today, hmmmmm Nougat - LOVE it
tomorrow I have to open # 10 now

Ines "surprised" me today with 12" cardstock and patterned CHRISTMAS paper.

A D V E N T - day # 9

Since I traveled to Shipshewana in November 2oo5 I'm in love with Cardinals, bought one which is sitting on our (real) tree every year now. DD gave me cute napkins today - with Cardinals on it

Inside parcel # 2 of the day # 9 I found cardstock in pretty colors, ready to use for cards - THANKs

A D V E N T - day # 8

talking about machine applique these days with Monika - and what did I found today?

yummy chocolate AND "Heat'n Bond" - will give it a try soon, she says it's much better than the German "Vliesofix"

Inside Ines' cute little box with a star on top of it I found, YES chocolate again AND a lovely little unicorn stamp


A D V E N T - day # 7

all 3 goodies at one place:

Today my scrapbooking shash got envelopes with a pretty inside in a lovely turquoise from DD

Delicious Marzipan from Niederegger a very famous factory in Lübeck was in the red and white wrapped package from Monika today

thankful here

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Glück im Spiel

Da ich ja offensichtlich gerade eine Glückssträhne habe und nun schon 2 x gewonnen habe, versuche ich es hier ein drittes mal.
Eingeweihte wissen, dass ich nicht nur schöne Stoffe zerschneide und winzige Glasperlen auffädele sondern auch Papier verscrappe.

So fand ich Stempelwiese's blog und sie feiert gerade Geburtstag. Da verlost sie ganz wunderbare Päckchen mit goodies von Stampin Up.
bitte Daumen drücken - oder selbst mitspielen :)

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

A D V E N T - day # 6 / Nikolaus

Today was nearly like Christmas!

DH's little cutie looked out of his tote and is now hanging on a key of one of the cupboards from the Gründerzeit

Ines violet box opened up with yummy chocolate, a cute heart AND a special Falzbein/bonefolder made from Teflon. Perfect to tool to fold paper, YES we both are in scrapbooking as well.

Like always the order doesn't mean anything:
Monika wrapped Vitamins for the Adventkalender AND sent a parcel separate!
Inside was the prettiest little round box I've ever seen

and yummy chocolate .... so many calories ....

Can't believe I won again!
Barbara had a giveaway and I'm one of the 3 lucky winners of a Christmas paper package! Isn't that cool?
I should buy a lotterie los

A D V E N T - day # 5

Moni sent Eierlikör/Advokaat. When my children where small enough to believe in the mystery of Christmas and Nikolaus I had a ritus every evening before the 6th of December.
I put a plate with some cookies for Nikolaus and another little bowl with eggnogg in front of the door to feed the Nikolaus and his reindeer.
My daughter insisted to follow this rule
until she moved out :-)
THAT's why I got this little bottle today

Nikolaus (chocolate) was one day early, but neverless welcomed!

Ines wrapped the heart so trendy and it is in my favorite color actually! will find a nice place in my studio

A D V E N T - day # 4

sorry for beeing late, but daily life comes first ;-)
DH's tote was filled with delicous cappucino balls - hmmm

The packages in the striped red/whie paper are from Monika, she knows that I love soap - DANKESCHööN

In DD's lovely wrapped box I found a cute tee-"egg" in heartshape - so cute!

Am I lucky? on top of all I won a fabricpackage from a quiltjournal on Facebook

happy dancing and getting nervous, it's under one month now - before I start my big journey

Saturday, December 03, 2011

A D V E N T - day # 3

In DD's parcel with the number three was also a lovely tiny clear stamp and some stickers for my christmas cards, which are still do produce

The little tote of the day was filled with yummy chocolate, one is already gone :-)

Today my scrapbooking stash got one more cute little christmas stamp added

- did I mention it is cute? and yummy Lindt chocolate - hmmmm

Friday, December 02, 2011

A D V E N T - day # 2

DH spoiled me with yummy chocolate - hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Today I want to show you the opend box from my daughter, filled with 24 packages, isn't it so pretty. Ines is just a darling.

In parcel # 2 I found a cute tin with selfmade cookies inside - yummy !!

Monika wrapped a breakfast board for quilters with spools, cute! and really needed handcreme - DankeschÖÖÖn, Moni

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Christmas market in Ulm

Yesterday Heidi and I had a wonderful time together. We made a trip to Ulm and visited the christmas market, right beside the Ulmer Münster
We walked into several shops and bought little things here and there. One of the best stops was at Heike Redlinghaus's yarnshop. A tiny, but exquisite shop, wonderful luxury yarns, books and samples. I couldn't help myself, I "had" to buy a wonderful mother of perl button, about 2,25" diameter - a beauty

And Heide bought some new knitting needles I had never seen or heard about before:
KnitPro cubics!! yes needles aren't round anymore, they are cubic. She even bought some for me!
Can't wait to give them a try

At least we had a delicious cake and a cappucino with a fantastic view to the christmas market - couldn't be better