Looking forward to the big move into our new home in September

Sunday, June 28, 2009

do you know Shadow Trapunto?

While I searched via the worldwideweb once I got to Geta's Quilting Studio's blog and was fascinated from her designs. So I asked for patterns, now she just gave birth to her first pattern e-book. To celebrate this big moment she is offering great giveaways!!!! I do hope to be one of the lucky winners ;-) but the price of the e-book is just 12$, that's not too bad

Friday, June 26, 2009

isn't the pattern lovely?

Helen is going to give a nice pattern away,
just leave a comment and post on your blog.

isn't the pattern lovely?

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Scrapbooking Workshop

Three of the German ladies presented a Scrapbooking Workshop
to Andrea and Wenke, who are leaving Szczecin now.
That's how the Army life works ..... sad, but true.
We met at
http://www.decou.pl/ in Szczecin &

Agnieszka showed us how to make a little book
- and we had a lot of fun!!!

Wenke in turquoise and Agnieszka in black/white

Christina (in red) and Susanne, both very concentrated ;-)

Andrea choosing from the clearstamps ( hard work, you see )

Here some impressions:
from the creative chaos on the table

TADA !!!!! this are our results:

Album made by Agnieszka
THANK YOU, ladies
for a wonderful time spent together

Thursday, June 18, 2009

something OLD, something NEW

Nearly 10 days agos I made the last ride with my beloved "Fabia" to its buyer and took a picture at the Polish-German border.
here I said officially GOOD BUYE
I was a little bit sentimental at that time .... I know, it's just material, but I think even a car has a kind of personality - AND, I liked the Fabia, not only because of the "Better finished than perfect" sticker ;-)

Today I had another special moment:

I got my very first own new car - TADA - it's a SEAT iBiZA

After one hour of instructions I started just around the corner to my friend Ulrike, who surprisd me with champagne. Christel also celebrated the first kilometer with me.

Luckily the maiden voyage was without any events

and my first impression is:
I am really very lucky with my new car !!!!
********** thank you so much, Peter ************

Monday, June 15, 2009

through Emily's Eyes

Emily has another great giveaway,
can't believe what she is giving to one lucky girl,

I do hope it's me ;-)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

scrappy giveaway

Dianne has a fantastic giveaway on her blog, stop by and follow her rules,


you are interest to get her goodies :-)

Monday, June 01, 2009


is my other interest -
we made a trip to Ludwigsfelde to meet Kathrin,
the shopowner and Nadja and Heidrun
(who lived in Szczecin formerly)

from left to right:
Kathrin, Christina, Andrea, Nadja and Heidrun

As you can see, we had a lot of fun !!!
Nothing is better than time spent with friends ....

I have to confess: we had some delicious icecream afterworth

and I made some cards: I made more, but forgot to take pictures ....

Birthday card for my daughter's 21th


sorry for the long silence -
I don't have a special reason, just too many things going on in our daily life.

My friend Monika gave me a wonderful christmaspresent: my monogramm stitched with tiny angels watching over me ( we all need these angels from time to time )

Now this beauty got framed - do you like my decicion?

I also framed a nice little picture
to escort the stitchery
Monika also stitched her own monogramm,
isn't she a very talented embroiderer?