Looking forward to the big move into our new home in September

Sunday, February 28, 2010

2nd creative/recreating room pics

Like I promised here they comes: more pics of my creative zone. The second room is subdivided by bookshelves, holding my patchwork, knitting, embroiderin literatur. Behind them I sleep and in front of them there is a table to work at and the cupboard, which holds my creative stuff. Klick into the picture to see it big ...

view from the entrance. In the metal drawer are most of my beads. Just the Delicas, Miyukis and my Swarowskis are separate.

shelves with my patchwork books, collected in 28 years ...

bookshelves - backside, holding: textile arts like beading, knitting, embroidery, fabric dying and so on

cosy sleeping corner

view from the window to the entrance, cupboard with all my creative treasures inside

Saturday, February 27, 2010

again: a giveaway

Mag runs a lovely blog (scrapbooking) and celebrate to reach 100 followers with a fantastic giveway
I would love to win the Magnolia stamps and the other stuff

friendship gift

Blog reader who are here more often know, that Monika ist my best friend.

She escorted my move from Szczecin to Bavaria 4 weeks ago with good thougts AND she spent the same time I drove from North to South embroidering a lovely little redwork or may I say greenwork stitchery?
The little snowdrop fairy now is the nice company to my Dear Jane poster in my studio

Isn't that real friendship???

Friday, February 26, 2010

scrapbooking - break: compulsorily

Due to the fact, that I have still 13 Boxes with scrapbooking stuff packed, because I have no cupboard to fill in
I can't scrapp - you don't believe how difficulty this is!!

But I got some new toys for this departement: a ScorPal with Mat, some stamps and the new Tim Holtz book.

It's autographed by the master himself - YES I was lucky to get one from Betty in Düsseldorf - YEAH
He introduce all his clever tools and inks and gives so many ideas -
I'ld love to play NOW
but I have to wait for the cupboard - cry

Thursday, February 25, 2010

STUDiO - tour with pics

my view out of the window
drawer from an old postoffice, filled with thread, buttons, ribbons and so on
drawers - filled with nice, folded fabrics
cutting and ironing table. Did you see the lovely, little black cutie? she is in the lower right corner of the picture

tomorrow I'll clean the 2nd room to take pictures for you

My ( main- ) STUDiO

Today a friend asked for details about our sewing spaces. I remembered the time when I began on the family dining table, had to put everything away to the meals - no fun. Later I got a small table in one corner of the sleepingroom - much better, but not ideal. When I moved from our own house into a small flat with 2 kidds I had just a tiny, tiny closet (luckily with a big window) - was much better that it sounds now.
Actually I'm lucky to have 2 rooms - YES, sorry ladies that's true. One is big and has a lot of free space, with big windows. There are my drawers with my fabrics, my cutting table, ironing place and the sewing table AND the putertable. I got a violet carpet exactly the same value than my stool "Move" from Stokke. Love that color these days.

The second room is subdiveded by bookshelves into 2 tiny "rooms": my bed is in one (behind the shelves) and my scrapbooking-/beading space. Room for 2 cupboards (one is ordered right now) and a table to work at.

Isn't that like artist's heaven???
YES it is and I'm thankful to have such fantastic space.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

first steps back to sewing: M 3

My friend Monika sewed all her Dear Jane blocks and tris - just one wasn't done: M 3 and she asked me to do it for her. Please visit Sigrid's webpage, there you can see Monika's designwall.

So this was my first step back to the sewing department. Prepairing the Freezer Paper templates and placing them on the fabric including the exact cutting took me much longer than I expected. ( this version counts 21 pieces )

The block is done by hand and ready to go to Lüneburg. I'm glad, to be part of her big Baby.

I did part of the sewing at the LQS nearbye, the owner just called another women, who is going to start her own DJ Baby soon. She came over to talk to me - and brought a pretty Jewel Box quilt to show. She also pointed me into the right direction for the perfect backing fabric ( 108 " ). The Henry Glass fabric shows feathers, which I love - here together with my two background fabrics ( from Buggy Barn ).

Now I'll sew my own M 3 - off to prepair the tiny pieces.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Nicole's blog candy

Actually I have no time to scrap or sew, only some reading from time to time. But I visit my most loved blogs as often as possible. Nicole's blog is one of them, she does fantastic scapbooking!

Now she has a great candy to win,

wish me luck, please!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

bin wieder ONLiNE - I'm back

unser Internet läuft wieder (mehr oder weniger ....)
Von den ~ 600 Umzugskisten stehen nur noch geschätzte 100 in div. Räumen, doch im Großen und Ganzen sieht's schon recht wohnlich aus. Mein Studio hat ein riesengroßes Fenster, also tolles Licht und auch für meine Designwand war diesmal Platz. Mir ist das Kunststück gelungen, alle meine Kisten auszupacken - ausser den 12 ( ja, ich konnte es selbst kaum glauben ) in denen sich mein Scrapbooking Material befindet. Dafür wird noch ein 1 Meter Schrank bestellt und dann kann ich wieder Karten machen - Juchhu

Heute wurden wir wieder mit Schnee beglückt und ich habe auch schon fleissig geschoben. Mein erster Friseurbesuch war zwar super, aber der Preis - fast das dreifache gegenüber Stettin.
Und falls sich jemand hier über die Farbe der Schrift wundert, das ist die Farbe die mein Studio verschönert - Bilder folgen, versprochen

our internetconnection works again ( mostly )
Due to the fact, that we moved with ~ 600 boxes, we are lucky to have "just" 100 left. In the important rooms it start looking nice.

My new studio is super, it has a really big window and enough space for my designwall as well. I was able to unpack all my stash, except the 12 boxes with scrapbooking material (unbelievable: 12 boxes, shaking my head). We are ordering a new cupboard and when I'm ready with that new cards are waiting to be done.
Today we got new snow and I had some sport ....
My first coiffeur visit happened today and I'm lucky with the result, but the price .... nearly 3 times of the polish - grrr
If somebody is wondering about the color of this post - this the accent in my studio - pics later, I promise