Looking forward to the big move into our new home in September

Thursday, October 27, 2011

tricky 9 patch Youtube tutorial

right now I enjoyed the blog from Barb. She is showing wonderful pics of her quiltgroup, their work and homes. During one of their Retreats they taped a Youtube: it explains a very clever timeconsuming way to sew 2 Nine Patchs at once - so easy!
hope you like it too

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mill Girls Quilt-Along

Anne Ida posted on her blog about the Mill Girls Quilt-Along
Jennifer Chiaverini is the famous autor of the Elm Creek books and a great quilter. I was lucky to meet her in Shipshewana in November 2oo5, she had a trunkshow at the Dear Jane Retreat. FANTASTIC quilts and very nice woman. Just in time begore Christmas her new book The Wedding Quilt will come out.

Several members of the SBS-and-other-Elm-Creek-Quilts yahoo group are sewing Mill Girls blocks. I tried it and of course my first block turned out to be too small. Didn't think of the scant seam allowance - but the block will find a nice place someday I'm shure (maybe a cushion). Pressing is tricky too .... just my experience
Thanks Anne Ida for helping!

and for your amusement:

can you believe, I noticed it when I looked through the camera! not before ....
But it pointed me to a border idea - time to stop sewing?

Saturday, October 22, 2011

ein wunderbares neues Büchlein in meinem Studio

danke Martina's super Rezension auf ihrem blog habe ich sogleich den shop der Lieselei besucht und siehe da, schon gestern hatte ich dieses Kleinod in den Händen!

Ich fürchte die Libellchen können süchtig machen
Übrigens, Hilde's blog ist auch stets einen Besuch wert

lazy here, taking care of my cold

planned to be busy in my studio, but it turned out, I'm on slowmotion mode, due to a cold. But the weekend isn't over now ....

Red and White quilts, influenced by the extraordinary exhibition in New York

In southern California is a fantastic quiltshop_ Temecula Quilt Company
They have been influenced by the extraordinary exhibition early this year in New York and asked for red and white quilts. This month they are showing the results in their shop - FANTASTiC quilts!!!!! hope over to their blog and look at this beauties!
Perhaps I'm able to see this shop in January, just hoping

Monday, October 10, 2011

Hexagon Swap - part IV

Today I'll show you the other 3 hexagons I sewed for my swap partners:

Tomorrow I'll show you the finished freemotionquilting excersice result.
YEAH, it's ready to get on the wall

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Hexagon Swap - part III

Yesterday I was lucky to have a very good free motion quilting class at my LQS. More of that later.
When I came home -late- I found the envelope with the 4 swapped Hexagons I got from Barbara, Birgit, Claudia and Jutta.
I love the blocks!!!! each is different - all together they are spectacular IMHO

What do you think?

THANK you so much ladies! I am very lucky with your designs!!!

Friday, October 07, 2011

beading - is finished !!!

Emma is ready get out!

Hexagon Swap - part II

Angelika asked about details of the swap:
1. Finished size 8 cm one side
2. devided by makers choice
3. Every participant asked for her own color choice
4. 5 women of the group swapped
5. I asked for black and white with red accents

this is the 2nd block I designed and made for me

more ideas are floating around in my head - even for the arrangement

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Hexagon Swap

a small, private Yahoogroup asked to swap Hexagons, 8 cm ( ~ 3,1" )
devided on our own choice
Today I'll show you the block I made - for me

Everybody asked for their own colors/fabrics, I choose black/white/red
The swapmom asked for blue / she showed her blocks already:

pictures of the other blocks / in different colors not before the participants got there blocks, sorry

Monday, October 03, 2011


work in progress, not ready yet

the pattern is from Hedi
DANKESCHöN, Ammersee war Klasse!

Saturday, October 01, 2011

pictures of work in progress

In February I was lucky to have 3 ( YES: three! ) workshops with the amazing Bonnie Hunter from North Carolina. She wrote 3 books, run a fantastic blog AND last but not least offeres dozens of FREE patterns on her site. If you don't know Quiltville klick on the LINK and enjoy
I learned some really good tricks and had a lot of fun. Birgit Klein from PatchCom, The Blackforest Quilter and Mrs. Schultz-Schwanitz from Nadel und Faden have been wonderful hosts.
I started 3 quilts: Cathedral Stars - here is a first impression

I changed the direction of every other block with red in it - to get a woven effect.
Virginia Bound - pic soon, it's nearly done
Star Struck

Next January I'll have another workshop with her in -
TADA - drummroll
C A L i F O R N i E N !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(My blue heaven, just in case you want to lurk)

If you are wondering, I just cleaned my SD cards of the camera and realzed I never posted pics here.

Today I had a lot of fun at a beaders meeting in Munich
went to the vernissage of a Quilt exhibition of a friend of mine.
Pics tomorrow