Looking forward to the big move into our new home in September

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


has started.
Here comes my Siggy
Actually I have to make ~ 30
don't know how much I collected in the Int. Swap in 2oo5, the European Swap 2oo5 and the German Swap 2oo5 (I hosted), will let you know after counting.
My friend Monika made this funny "Badenixe"
which makes me smile in my bathroom.

These two xstitch embroideries are also done by her - isn't she a darling?

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Signature - TEST

thanks to Taniwa in Japan, she posted, how to have a signature at the end of each posting - hope it works

good evening

A big EXCUSE to all the readers, coming to see pictures from my quiltjourney - - - I'm sorry - too much was going on. At least I do have serious toothache and 4 appointments next week with my favorite dentist.

Tomorrow I have to fix my luggage to go on the road again.
In Berlin (my original hometown) is a beading-Retreat with 38 women from all over Germany (and the Netherlands and Swizerland). I'll met friends from the region of my former hometown Duesseldorf and perhaps I'll see my son also.

This evening the sky had such spectacular colors - I took pictures for you

Pictures from my trip are coming soon
Today I folded about 90 Japanese (taupe) FQs for my new Dear Jane, yesterday I ordered the background fabric from Buggy Barn in WA, that's from the quilting department ;-)

Thursday, May 08, 2008


After some busy days I'm here again to show you my newest project: Gardenfairies - a design from Ursula Schertz.

They are really funny to stitch.

I signed in an intern. Siggy Swap with Christmas fabrics - couldn't restist.
On the other hand I started to swap individually Siggy blocks again.
I participated in the intern. DJ Swap in 2005, the European Siggy Swap 2oo4 and was the swapmom of a German Siggy Swap also in 2004.
just one message on the yahoo list and I had ~ 20 women willing to swap.
The block is based on the book from Brenda Papadakis: Dear Jane ( D 13 ), it's a square in a square block, finished 4,5 inches - very easy to sew and so much fun to swap!
My friend Monika is also swapping blocks worldwide.