Looking forward to the big move into our new home in September

Thursday, April 23, 2009

traveling in Poland

I’m now living in Szczecin/Poland nearly 2 years and we traveled to the area around Swinoujscie / Swienemünde – at the Baltic Sea shore 2 times, it’s about 1 hour by car from here. Fresh air and good fish!

In November 2oo8 we spent 4 days in the lovely, historic
city of Krakow / Krakau, due to our 5th wedding anniversary.
We travelled via nighttrain both ways and enjoyed each and every minute, kind of belated honeymoon :-)

Now the International Ladies Club is going to drive by train
to Wroclaw / Breslau for a weekend.

This summer I hope to see Gdansk / Danzig as well

Sunday, April 19, 2009


ok, I think you knew what I showed partiell: right - a 6" basket block
today it's ready to show completly

AND the ladies discussed the "problem", how to assemble blocks with different sizes.
With a little help of my EQ 6 I designed a filler block of 3 x 6 inches, because our blocks are going to be 6, 9 and 12 inches.

I also printed some easy block patterns in 3" and 1,5" but didn't made them already.
Patience please ;-)
Originally our big project starts in September and I have 3 blocks done so far
- not toooo bad?

To explain why I'm influenced by the basket temptation -
here comes one of the Amish baskets I bought in Ohio during my trip in 2oo8, lucky memories!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

new bug

thank you for the friendly comments and helpful tipps to my applique question. Like most of the time there are more "right" ways to handle this bulk thing ....
Elly, you are right about the own critic - sorry, I'm trying to work on this ;-)

Due to our beloved Rosa's wispering I got a new bug -
do you know what I'm talking from?
I'll give you a peek to my 2nd block (in process)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Block # 5 + 6



Today I have a question to my Janiac blogger friends:
Do you cut the excess fabric on the backside?
You see on the C-6 block I did - and don't like the result

Somebody wrote somewhere this quilt is going to be very heavy because of that many seamallowances - How do you handle this problem?

My actually signature under my emails is now:
Brigitte Baierl - German, living in Poland
Muddy Jane 7-0-0-41

Sunday, April 12, 2009

2nd Block of the new start

I've been very productive yesterday. Listening to classic music I enjoyed the peace of handsewing and finished the 2nd block of my new start: F-13

C-6 ist halfway done

Not too bad, hey?

If somebody looks closer may be she/he will wonder, why I used 2 different background fabrics. They are from the same line ( Buggy Barn )

The "darker" one is for most of the blocks

The "lighter" one is for the blocks in Row "G" in the horizontal and "A to M #7"

and the two diagonal blocks: A-1, B-2, C-3 and so on

I'm going to use the darkest focus fabrics on this lighter background to separate 8 triangle sections

this picture don't show the used colors,
but shows the idea

Happy Eastern, dear bloggggger

Saturday, April 11, 2009

my Baby is growing, slowly

but growing !!!!!!!

Today I prepped 3 applique blocks, one is finished: G-3


Friday, April 10, 2009

Turqouise quilt is longarmquilted

by Sue Baddley from Utah with sewing themed patterns on her Statler. We decided to use a Quilters dream and she posted 5 pics of the result on her webshot album. She'll take it with her to the DJ Retreat in Shipshewana, IN soon and show it there. Caroline from Belgium bring it with her to Europe - can't wait to get this beauty back! Visit Sue's album to get an impression!!
I am so lucky with the quilting - THANK YOU Sue !!!

I'll miss the Retreat :-(

Friday, April 03, 2009

couldn't resist to surf

at my daughter's home puter in the evening (she spend the evening with her friend) ........... visited some quilter's blogs and got to several new scrapblogs. Julie just has a nice stampset of my favorite products as a giveaway, hope to be the lucky winner ;-)) stop by and look

Yesterday we had to run some errands, succesful - I made DD's favorite pancakes with apple and followed the invitation of a dear friend. We spend the time outside and enjoyed each other - life is good!

Today my DD and I had a wonderful day with fantastic SUMMERweather, YES summer not spring. Even the long sleeves of the blouse have been too much! That's why we opened the icecream-season - yummy
We also shopped a bit and had just a GREAT day.

Good news from Utah, my quilttop and backing ( you see in the header of this blog ) arrived safe! Sue will give it a great longarmservice, can't wait to get the quilt back. I'm always a little nervous - it's a long journey for a darling you made with love

Nelli ( our Amish Cocker you also see below ) got a nice haircut!

so, we 3 are fine!

tomorrow I'll visit my favorite quiltshop and go to a local quilters meeting

- what can a mother, dogowner and quilter need more ?????????????????