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Sunday, September 17, 2006

quiet, but busy Sunday

sorry, no pictures today!
I have to be busy, cleaning and sorting my (messy) sewingroom -
because I'll get a new metallic drawer (like architects use)for my beads.
Boy that work had been nessecary. Tomorrow I'll be able to take pictures (who knows how long it looks this way - smile) That's a mysterium to me, in just a few days there is the same crowded situation like before ....
On the other hand we have to get the luggage packed for my DH. He is traveling to Poland Monday morning for one week to meet his new boss .....
AND I have to empty some kitchen shelves, because the artisan is coming tomorrow to renovate the wall (water damaged the wall andmould grew).
Unfortunatly this man hates dogs - or is anxious ? so I have to take Nelli out of the way the whole day ........
she will hate it, not to see what is going on, from where is the noise coming ....
"see" you tomorrow

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