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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Visit from Belgium

First I have to ask for your excuse about my long silence!
I had been so busy with traveling between Sczcecin / Poland and Düsseldorf / Germany because my husband started working there in October last year and we (DD and the dog) left at the old place. The distance between both cities is about 760 Kilometers / 475 miles ........
This way my daughter (Ines) was able to finish her last months in school before she starts her education in July here. The trip takes about 8 hours each, no matter if I travel by train, car or plane + train.

The good news is: we rented a house in Sczcecin with a fantastic studio for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you will see pictures - I promise!

Now I'm in the middle of helping Ines to get settled in her first own flat and to be prepaired for our own move. Two big trucks will arrive on June 2oth to pick up our household.

To spent two days with me sewing and to say GOOD BYE Caroline from Belgium came over and helped me to get started with our group project. I'm member of the Caravanquilters (a Yahoogroup), a group which meets each other in Shipshewana/Indiana twice per year during the Dear Jane Retreat - a lovely place in a small Amish village.

The group started to sew the Postcard Quilt of Kaffee Fassett's book: Quiltroad. The only common fabric is one of the Paperweight series, each of us choose her own color and added fabrics from their stash or ordered coordinating fabrics if "nessecary" (you know: every excuse it welcome to visit the LQS).

We had a lot of fun and I got the center and the first two borders done, started the flying geese border also. On her way back to Brussels we went to my favorite quiltshop in Mönchengladbach, namend "Stofflust". Unfortunatly the shop was still closed when we arrived so we had to take a cup of icecream near bye .............

Isn't it interesting, how the impression changes after the next row is added.
At least this is going to be a quilt with a lot of power in it ;-)

I promise, I'll write permantently after my move. I visited my favorite bloggs and got a lot of ideas and input
thanks to you, ladies!

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