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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Folded Spools, part II

Folded Spools, part II

That’s how it looks like after the first seam is done. The turquoise “rectangle looking piece” is going to be the folded center square. Don’t press at this time!

Flip the two triangles as shown face to face to the center (sorry, my English isn’t good enough to explain each step correctly). I do hope the pictures will bring some light ....

That is what it looks like from the back
after you sewed the first two, opposite seams – you see, there was no pressing done.
Open the “box” and concentrate to the left side. Bring the upper and the superior edge in the center together nicely, pin it across, follow the line and secure with another pin.
Sew from the edge to the center, stop ¼ “ from the corner!
Continue on the 4th side.

Sewing is done,

please iron it carefully now:
clockwise or in the opposite direction WiTHOUT pressing the folded center square!
We don’t want to have it flat at the end

Now it is pressed, from the back the center is folding like a little 4 patch

Cut the “ears” – READY

Please let me know, if there is something wrong or uncomprehensible
show me your results, if you made also folded spool blocks.


Rose Marie said...

I'm so glad that you stopped by and left a comment on my blog, because I have found your blog in return. I've browsed a bit through some of your posts, but I'll be back to see more!

Susan said...

Good morning Brigitte,

Your babies are on my blog at this time. I am going to skip Celine and just send them on to you.

You should have them in time to finish your Christmas project.

Such a great sewing space you have. The cabinets you got from IKEA turned out to be a good investment.

Unknown said...

Love the folded spools! And, the colors you chose are beautiful.


stufenzumgericht said...

Hallo Brigitte,wusste gar nicht, dass du auch und schon viel länger als ich blogst. Du scheinst es in Polen gut angetroffen zu haben!Wäre doch ein prima Ziel für's nächste Ruhri Treffen ;-) Martina

Simonetta said...

Many thanks Brigitte, your blocks are very beautiful. Ciao :)))

Tracey said...

hi brigitte!

oh my goodness...your studio is absolutely beautiful! and your thread chests...and your ikea cabinets....oh wow. just everything! very cozy. may you have many wonderful and productive hours spent in there! :o)


Patti said...

Hi Brigette,

This is Patti from Quitling is My Passion. You won the Double Wedding Ring heart pattern but you didn't send me your email address. Noramlly I wouldn't count yours as an entry for that reason but no one else was interested in that pattern. Please send me your name and email address ASAP so I can get this mailed to you.

Gypsy Quilter said...

Brigitte, have you read Diana Gabaldon's books by any chance. There's an interesting chapter in one about vodoo. Thanks for stopping by.

Cheryl said...

Thanks for the well wishes! Like your tutorial very much!