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Monday, December 10, 2007

busy, busy here

Unfortunatly I can't show, what I'm working on these days.
It's a baby-girl-quilt I have to present tomorrow evening.
YES, I am a just-in-time-worker ;-)

Had time enough, but after some major mistakes I worked hard this weekend and right now I have about 20 inches of binding to handsew (on the back)

I promise a picture after Wednesday. In the morning we start to enjoy the Christmas market in Berlin with the International Ladies Club members. I'm going to meet my "oldest" friend, we know each other for about 35 years now ! wow - I'm that old .....
Some Xmas-shopping, some Glühwein - some atmosphere
But I would like to show my latest DJ block: D 4 Crystal Star

it's done with 3 different fabrics, sewn by hand

that's hard work with the handdyed fabrics WiTH Batics

But this too will pass
have a nice evening!

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