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Saturday, March 15, 2008

international friendship / REDWORK

As many of you know: quilters are a very friendly species ;)Yesterday I got a cute 3dimensional card from Susan in IL
together with a generous sortiment of embroidery needles.

We talked on a Yahoo group about Redwork and I mourned about the missing possibily to buy needles here in Poland. She just offered to send some - for free
Isn't that real friendship? THANK YOU so much, Susan

I was working on 5 different "Winter Wonderland" blocks,
I presented to my friends at the end of January.


Jeanne said...

Cute redwork! I just saw your as a winner somewhere - maybe Pat Sloan's site? Congrats.

Sweet P said...

I love how you set each block separately. They are gorgeous. Keep on stitching! It's fun.