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Saturday, April 19, 2008

back from "Quilter's heaven"

Thank you for your patience, I'm back on earth - but haven't arrived in reality ;-) The trip was a dream, even the weather was very cooperative, just 1 and a half day rain
I haven't counted the quiltshops we stopped at, but I was able to find enough fabric for the very near future. My main interest in buying fabric was to start my taupe stash for the new Baby Jane. Now I need to order the background, it wasn't avaible, what I was looking for: a Buggy Barn fabric my friend Monika use.
I made many, many pictures - just safed them to a DVD
Firstable I want to show you my thank-you-present for my DH, who sponsored my journey very generous. It is a Log Cabin variation from Mishawaka (near South Bend), made ~1890-1910

I bought it in Shipshewana, Indiana from Rebecca Haarer (here with her mother) - this village is a very special place to me
this is Colleen how'll do the longarmquilting on Monika's French Braid. She did great work on several quilts from Monika, her friend and me in the past and we are sure to get good results again. It was fantastic to meet her again in person.
More later - I promise!

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