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Saturday, July 12, 2008

pincushio swap

Just a few minutes ago I got a lovely email from Kim, which is the reciever of my pincushion I sent to Minnesota. Her blog is worth to visit: enjoy - she is very talented.
I embroidered all edges of the 5 squares with different beading patterns. It's kind of freeform .... just fun to make! and I'm afraid the little Polish thimble wouldn't helpful for handsewing, sorry

I'm just glad, that my little darling is welcome at the new sewingplace.

NOW I'm waiting for my pincushion from ???????????????
I'm still not able to add a Signature automaticly
- is there help somewhere in the www ?


Berglind said...

Your pincushion is so pretty, well done :) - and lucky Kim... I was so lucky to be her secret swap friend and got this beautiful flower pincushion :)

Kim said...

I have already poked a bunch of pins into my lovely red pincushion. In spite of her "royal" good looks, I'm afraid she is a working girl now.