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Sunday, February 15, 2009


After traveling to my friend Monika, who showed several pictures from the Retreat I stopped at home for just one day - before I drove to Berlin. One of the pupils of my old school called us to meet after - 40 ( in words: fourty - YES, that long!! ) years. Very interesting to see these old friends after so many years. We had a lot to talk and to laugh at, but some silent moments as well. Not all of us had good luck all the time, some had serious health problems others lost their jobs. At least I felt lucky with my actual situation.

I spend some time in a scrapbooking shop and got some new toys for my Valentine's present: a Cuttlebug - ta da - what a funny tool. Yesterday I played around with lovely paper and some dies - more about that later

this is my first try to post a little video - so no music or spoken words

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