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Monday, April 13, 2009

Block # 5 + 6



Today I have a question to my Janiac blogger friends:
Do you cut the excess fabric on the backside?
You see on the C-6 block I did - and don't like the result

Somebody wrote somewhere this quilt is going to be very heavy because of that many seamallowances - How do you handle this problem?

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Rosa Robichaud said...

Oh Brigitte...

IMVHO (In My Very Humble Opinion)... that is the beauty of your blocks...

You can see the 1/4 inch seam, on your block, and I find that ADORABLE!!! It shows what precision, you have.

As for the heaviness of the quilt - well, everyone has their own feelings on this, but personally, I LOVE a heavy quilt! *VBG*

And whether you do reverse appliqué, or regular appliqué, the seams will still be there (re: weight of quilt), right? *s*

Hope this helps...


Hanne said...

I cut away behind the bigger applique, but not always.
The seam allowance shadowing will disappear when you get batting and backing. You might want to consider a snow white batting though.
Yes - the quilt will be heavy.

Rhonda said...

Jane blocks are looking good. I leave my background on if I appliqued the block... just my opinion.

Cyn said...

You pose a tough question. I have cut the extra backing out of a couple of blocks--G-1, for example--and am pleased with the result. Oh, and I trimmed all the extra seams coming together behind the little circle on block E-5. Sorry I'm not much help, but I think each block is so different that what works for one block may not be best choice for another one. Good luck. Hope you will let us all know what you decide.
Hugs / ;-)

Elly D said...

I cut the back away from the bigger appliques and sometimes the smaller ones. It depends if you plan to hand quilt over these blocks. If you leave the backs in, it will make hand quilting difficult, if you plan to machine quilt then it won't make any difference and is then personal preference.
When I saw your block, before reading your comment, I thought how beautiful it looked, so very precise and crisp.
Sometimes we are, our own worse critic... :)) hugs Elly