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Thursday, June 18, 2009

something OLD, something NEW

Nearly 10 days agos I made the last ride with my beloved "Fabia" to its buyer and took a picture at the Polish-German border.
here I said officially GOOD BUYE
I was a little bit sentimental at that time .... I know, it's just material, but I think even a car has a kind of personality - AND, I liked the Fabia, not only because of the "Better finished than perfect" sticker ;-)

Today I had another special moment:

I got my very first own new car - TADA - it's a SEAT iBiZA

After one hour of instructions I started just around the corner to my friend Ulrike, who surprisd me with champagne. Christel also celebrated the first kilometer with me.

Luckily the maiden voyage was without any events

and my first impression is:
I am really very lucky with my new car !!!!
********** thank you so much, Peter ************


Luenetraum said...

ein toller Wagen, immer eine gute Fahrt

Manuela said...

Gratulation zu Deinem schönen neuen Auto. Ich wünsche Dir eine allzeit unfallfreie Fahrt.
Liebe Grüße