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Monday, August 31, 2009

Polish impressions

.... this is just a short interruption of my blog-break,
because I'm on the road again from the end of this week until 11th of September:
next weekend we drive to the new town, we are moving to early next year to meet the owner of a house we are interest to rent. Hold the breath please!

We'll be back home on Sunday evening. Monday morning I'll change the cars and travel to my friend Monika, to spend 3 days with her - always great fun! -
She made great plans for me, so I'll sew a scrappy housequilt -

Next stop is at my daughter's home in Düsseldorf, to bring Nelli to her (see her at the head of my blog) to sit her during the weekend, I'm retreating with ~ 50 women from all over Germany, Netherland and Suisse to play with tiny, tiny glass beads - making jewelry - can't wait

I spent the last weeks on vacation as well
(first trip to new region: Dillingen / Donau, near Augsburg in Bavaria)

2nd: short trip to Gdansk and Malborg and - pics later -

and 3rd:
a weekendtrip to Bolesławiec, formerly Bunzlau, wellknown for their fantastic potteryware

OK - first some pics of the castle, we stayed while in Bunzlau

and some of the typically pottery:

this is what came home with us .....

Do you know understand,
why the color of the writing is blue this time??

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