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Thursday, February 25, 2010

My ( main- ) STUDiO

Today a friend asked for details about our sewing spaces. I remembered the time when I began on the family dining table, had to put everything away to the meals - no fun. Later I got a small table in one corner of the sleepingroom - much better, but not ideal. When I moved from our own house into a small flat with 2 kidds I had just a tiny, tiny closet (luckily with a big window) - was much better that it sounds now.
Actually I'm lucky to have 2 rooms - YES, sorry ladies that's true. One is big and has a lot of free space, with big windows. There are my drawers with my fabrics, my cutting table, ironing place and the sewing table AND the putertable. I got a violet carpet exactly the same value than my stool "Move" from Stokke. Love that color these days.

The second room is subdiveded by bookshelves into 2 tiny "rooms": my bed is in one (behind the shelves) and my scrapbooking-/beading space. Room for 2 cupboards (one is ordered right now) and a table to work at.

Isn't that like artist's heaven???
YES it is and I'm thankful to have such fantastic space.

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