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Friday, April 16, 2010

Purchase via my personal shopping witch

Some months ago I asked on a Yahoo Group for help to get a special issue of an American Magazine. Carrie (no blog) offered to help the same day. AND she offered to shop for me anytime in the states, what she did now, again BTW. Glad to have such a nice witch, YES I called her my shopping witch, because she lead me into temptation several times - smile
Actually she is in Paducah at the big AQS Show and once more she is hunting for some goodies for me. Would love to be there on my own, but that wasn't possible.

Today her last envelope arrived with the fabric I choose for the triangles of my Baby Jane

She spoiled me with some EXTRAs:
stamps and lovely Label fabric, including a very pretty "friends" magnet

THANK YOU so much, Carrie!!!

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Birgitte aka Bietje said...

Lucky you with a personal shopping witch. I wish I had one.
This was my first time on your blog, but I will be back soon.