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Monday, June 21, 2010

last trip to northern Germany

Last Thursday I came back from my last (hopefully) dentist trip to Northern Germany. I slept at Ulrike's home and got the final dentist work done on Tuesday. Wednesday I spent in Berlin, my former hometown. Luckily it was the right day to spend some time with my oldest friend Rita, who celebrated her Birthday. I'm glad she had some positive news in her life, because she is dealing some major health issues in her family. I visited Barbara in her shop and had a nice talk, at least I found some nice goodies as well.
I was very lucky, Claudia offered a bed for me. We know each other for a long time through our common interest: patchwork (you aren's surprised?)
We had a great evening and a lot of fun together. Next day I had to get up early, because she was going to have a bag-workshop.
SURPRISE: there she met 2 ladies I knew from my time in Szczecin!
Nadja is now living in Berlin and Katrin is from Ludwigsfelde (south of Berlin), she owned a Scrapbookingshop, maybe you remember our tours? Sad, I missed the ladies ...

Now I hope to stay at home for some time. Our move isn't finished right now, there are several boxes of books still to unpack and dishes and kitchenstuff.

Pictures from my trip in the next time

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