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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Kloster Eberbach / Eberbach_Abbey

Yesterday we had a very nice stroll through the historic rooms of Eberbach Abbey.
It was a combination of a guided tour with historic infos and tasting of 6 different vines during this tour, delicious BTW
* Every picture could be clicked to see it big *

Parts of the movie "The name of the rose" where filmed there.

this was the sleepingroom, built with the effect of optical illusion. the pillars at the end of the room are shorter than the pillars in front, so everybody think the room is much longer than it is - interesting!

and one of the doors

from 1668

Tomorrow my husband surprised me with the offer to drive to the Textilmarket Benediktbeuren - FUN FUN FUN !!!!!!!!!!!! watch pics of this trip early next week

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