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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Janiac work in progress

when I told about the new Janiac group in Bavaria ( 15 women all together!!! ) I mentioned my WiPs
the first project actually isn't a WiP anymore, it's finished:

Due to DH's duty we have to move every ~ 3 years, before we left Duesseldorf to Poland in 2oo7 the Janiacs from the region (a very supportive, warmhearted group!) surprised me with red/black blocks. Needless to say, I was in tears .....
Love this little quilt, so nice memories in it

The next project I want to show is a Round-Robin a small private Yahoogroup I'm part of did some time ago. Some of the members I met when I traveled to Shipshewana in 2oo5.

Kim made a wonderful Log Cabin border

but the hit is the darling little Papa's star in the corner

look at this darling little DJ blocks:
B 1, J 4 and a K 13 variation

love this funny fabrics

what do you think, might I add a border on the top?
halloween greetings

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