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Friday, November 05, 2010


Rosa just told a funny story on her blog, gave me a smile.

I had a kind of blackout today, which scared me totally
Today I put my Bernina, a caddy with my sewing tools, my passport and wallet (with creditcards!!) and my iPhone in front of the door at the carport. Went around the house to get my car out of the garage -
drove right ahead to the quiltstore for a workshop
Realized there that I totally forgot to pick up my stuff and put it into the car
So I turned around and back I drove.
Luckily my neighbour was in his garden and wondered about the things. Nobody opened the door, when he knocked at the entry (just the dog inside ...)
So he packed an old cover on top of the pile
With at least 4o minutes delay I started my workshop
I'll show you the cushion tomorrow. The ultimate, last seam was wrong ... so Mr. Seamripper has to help before I'm able to show it to you
*** Don't need adventures like this ***

1 comment:

Rosa Robichaud said...

Oh Brigitte!!!


Isn't it marvelous that we can laugh at ourselves... because we're "human"?!?!?!??

Actually, I've done something similar to your event... went to the grocery store with a good friend and forget to pick up our groceries. We were home by the time that we realized that we had left the groceries behind!


Tks for sharing, Brigitte!!!