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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Advent und seine Freuden

Dieses Jahr bin ich reich beschenkt zum Advent
"jo, iss denn scho Weihnachten?"
This year I got many, many lovely gifts:

Ines, meine Tochter hat mich mit einem schönen, lila Adventgesteck erfreut - selbst gemacht, in ihrem Lieblingsblumenladen "Rosengarten"
My daughter Ines made this cute Advent-decoration for me - in my favorite color: violet

My dear husband surprised me with a little box, inside 24 little parcels, for every day until Christmas (we are celebrating on the 24th). How cute - AND wrapped in violet paper ;-) Today I found this cute little horse, it now is standing at the frontdoor. Damit hast Du mir eine GROßE Freude gemacht!

My friend Monika sent a big parcel to my Birthday, one big box is filled with 24 packages as well, so I have to open 2 gifts every day! pictures later -
Doing a happy dance here

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