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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

A D V E N T - day # 6 / Nikolaus

Today was nearly like Christmas!

DH's little cutie looked out of his tote and is now hanging on a key of one of the cupboards from the Gründerzeit

Ines violet box opened up with yummy chocolate, a cute heart AND a special Falzbein/bonefolder made from Teflon. Perfect to tool to fold paper, YES we both are in scrapbooking as well.

Like always the order doesn't mean anything:
Monika wrapped Vitamins for the Adventkalender AND sent a parcel separate!
Inside was the prettiest little round box I've ever seen

and yummy chocolate .... so many calories ....

Can't believe I won again!
Barbara had a giveaway and I'm one of the 3 lucky winners of a Christmas paper package! Isn't that cool?
I should buy a lotterie los

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Cyn said...

Wonderful. Love all your gifties.
Congratulations on winning the contest.