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Friday, August 26, 2011


Due to the discussion about a FW 221 offered on ebay in the States I'll show my baby here (again). The seller is asking
- attention! - $1,200.00 !!!!!
Isn't that crazy?
My baby is called Angel Edna,
due to her # AE o7777o, built in the US in March 1936
YES, it runs still with the 110 V machine and I bought a converter to run it with the European 220 V
BTW: I paid ~ 308 $ in 2oo5 .....


Rosa Robichaud said...

Angel Edna IS gorgeous!!!

And, judging by the year and price of the other one, it gives you and idea of what yours is probably worth... today.


Tks for sharing, Brigitte!!!

P.S. I was Snoopy Dancing when I read that you "might" be living in the USA, for a bit!!!!

Valerie said...

She is very cute!