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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Knitting, crochet and results

Due to a quilter, who influenced me again with the yarn obsession I finished 2 projects.
The red one is named " frangiflutti " and was easy peasy

The blue/green/turquoise scarf was a self initiated nightmare. I did the single ( squarish ) flower in crochet with real joy. Than I decided that it needs a very wavy border. So I added 3 cables from the knitpros to my square thingies and started very enthusiastic with the number ~ 360. In the second row I doubled that ( ~ 720 ) ok here the fun part ended ....
2 rows later I doubled again ....
Can you imagine 1440 in ONE SINGLE ROW ?????
Ok it's done, don't ask how long I knitted to end this last row ...

But. I love the effect -
well worth the hard work


Cyn said...

Very nice. Just lovely.

Cattinka said...

Hallo Brigitte,
ja, bring den Häkelschal mal mit. Du weisst ja wir sind sehr neugierig, und wollen alles sehen!