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Sunday, August 12, 2012

busy busy bee

My friend Elaine in San Luis Obispo just destashed her fabric stash. I was one of the lucky customers ;-) I got the perfect fabric bundles in addition to fabrics I bought on my wonderful journey in January ( in California ) here they are in their wellorganized drawer - do you see the paisley cream fabric on top, Elaine? I think it fits too
I couldn't find a place to put them, because my sewing studio was a MESS !!!! NO, I don't post a picture!!! no no But I'm busy the 3rd day now digging through my drawers which holds my fabrics. And - oh wonder - I found white-on-white-fabrics at least in 4 different places, now they are sitting nicely folded at the right spot. AND I'M SHURE - I don't need to buy WOW for quiet some time ;-) The same happened to my purple/violet/lavender stash I'm collecting for some time now. They are filling one drawer now and I think, I can stop buying purple. Have to stock up the caterpillar greens I need with them ;-)
BTW: I don't really need anymore batics right now .... just saying Next is to put all the stuff away which is piling on the floor and every horizontal surface .... see you later played with a new (for me) programm and added frames and text, have to blame Jenni that I got sidetracked ....


Cattinka said...

Das machst Du goldrichtig, immer schön Ordnung schaffen! Ist es nicht herrlich wenn die Stoffe alle sichtbar sind?

Anonymous said...

You are so organized! You need to come back to the beach and help me... Hugs, Elaine