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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Christmas Siggies

Yesterday, when we came back from our wedding anniversary trip to Krakow I found several parcels. One was a Birthday gift from husband - a very stylish carrycruiser from Reisenthel to transport all the stuff to Retreats.
Great help

Speaking about Retreats - actually are ~ 90 lucky ladies together in the Amish village of Shipshewana/Indiana enjoying their company, the lovely quiltshops Yoder and Lolly's and Rebecca's antique store (where I bought the old Log Cabin Quilt for my husband in April). They had snow on Friday

We too here in Szczecin, can't remember snow that early in Berlin............... I tried to make a little movie, but I flipped the camera and I'm unable to turn the movie :-(

Now to the other important parcel I got, it came from Judi who was our fabulous swapmom. Imagine she swapped ~ 150 x 150 Christmas Siggies ( that means around 22500 blocks ......... )

Once I swapped Siggies from ~ 45 women, that was a job from one afternoon

To give you an idea I'll show you only three Siggies
thanks Susan !!

still thinking (dreaming) this could be a SPECIAL one ???

love this "tree"

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Leanne said...

I love the bottom Xmas tree also. What a great idea.