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Sunday, November 09, 2008

DJ Secret Pal gift of this month

Members of the worldwide DJ community are playing the Secret Pal thing throught the whole year on a monthly manner. Each paricipant has to send once per month something to another quilter, the reciever don't know from whom she gets her packages, evenlopes or parcels. They are all mixed up, means: X send to A, A get from G - as example.

This month I got lovely Laurel Burch Christmas fabrics

Thank you "Betty Boop" ;-) that's how she sign her letters

I'm still unable to post pictures of the project I'm working on - due to the rules of SSCSwap 2008. It has to be a secret until Xmas and the package arrived and was opened.

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Karen said...

I have never done a secret pal swap. Where do you find information