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Friday, April 10, 2009

Turqouise quilt is longarmquilted

by Sue Baddley from Utah with sewing themed patterns on her Statler. We decided to use a Quilters dream and she posted 5 pics of the result on her webshot album. She'll take it with her to the DJ Retreat in Shipshewana, IN soon and show it there. Caroline from Belgium bring it with her to Europe - can't wait to get this beauty back! Visit Sue's album to get an impression!!
I am so lucky with the quilting - THANK YOU Sue !!!

I'll miss the Retreat :-(


Rosa Robichaud said...


Brigitte shared her webshot addy, with me.... There were closeups of this quilt.

INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!! My jaw dropped when I realized that the quilter had "quilted" sewing things!

Lovely quilt, Brigitte!!!!!


Cyn said...

Brigitte, this quilt is wonderful! I love the way Sue quilted in spools of thread and rotary cutters, and so forth. . . Now that's clever!
Super quilt. I love it!