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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

starting a new BOM

This is just an appatizer of our BOM, which is starting actually TODAY.
Every month the members of the Yahoogroup'll get a new file for a BASKET block, if they finished the last one and posted a pic on the YAHOO Group.

This is the block of September,
which I made ( as a tester ).

I also made some other basket blocks

and various sizes to fill spaces between the different sized blocks later.

3 inch blocks & 3 x 6 inch
Because I love the chaos theorie I'll combine blocks from 3 x 3 " up to 12 x 12 "
of course I ordered some more background fabric, to be safe ;-)

Most of my blocks are still empty, but they'll be filled with flowers, some of them 3 dimensional, japanese folding technique ( Kumiko Sudo )

You'll be part of the fun??? so please visit Rosa's blog, she offers her help.

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Rosa Robichaud said...

Hi Brigitte!

Your blocks are GORGEOUS!!!! Hope you're having fun, my friend....