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Thursday, October 08, 2009

freestyle houses

in my favorite coloration actually: purple, violet, lavender AND caterpillargreen with powerful orange roofs

When I spent some days at my friend Monikas home I was lucky and sewed the striped parts, some of her fabrics and some of mine ( I think she is doing one in the near future as well ) are included. Back home I needed some time to sew the freecutted roofs, now the rows are finished.
I love the result!!!

Did you notice my beloved KPM tomcat on the bookshelf?

Next is a green border and than a bigger purple one,
perhaps a black & white stripe in between???

what do you think about?
BTW, the quilt is for my new studio in our next house in Bavaria, we are moving to in February. I'll get a light grey comfy chair and this is ASKING for a quilt, don't you think so? Your help is more than welcome, please

- and yesterday I ordered new Swarowsky crystals in a new color: Cyclamen Opal ( surprise: its a purple .... ) in France

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