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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

ecxiting NEWS from southern Germany

yesterday was THE day here, we established a new Janiac group!
Karin, the shopowner of my LQS wanted to start her own journey and I'm ready to start my own Baby SERiOUSLY -
so we started a group.

14 women attended to the first evening, where I gave a lot of information and showed pics of various colorways and different settings on my netbook.
3 projects from me had been on the wall, a halloween-round-robin with DJ blocks, a Row Jane made from red and golden Christmas fabrics and the little quilt I made from red/black blocks I got, when I moved from Duesseldorf. * Pics later *
I prepaired 3 binders with the blocks I made so far: the first 9 blocks from my taupe projct, the collected Fall Frolic Blocks from 2 swaps and white/blue/silver Christmas blocks I made.

They also got irst ideas of the useful tools like rulers and software.

I spoke about the history of the quilt, Brendas work and the amazing community of women worldwide. Of course the wonderful Retreats in Shipshewana
(I attended in 2oo5) and the amount of fabrics where other subjects.

Just 1 woman decided that this project is too big, to scary for her
and one went home thinking if she’ll start with us.

Imagine 12 women signed in!
We splitted the group, one in the afternoon another in the evening - once per month.

Next week we will discuss their style, coloration, background fabric and start with an easy peasy M 10. Than I'll let them analyze the quilt, which blocks are made the same way: 9patches and 4patches ...

The journey began!

In my next post I'll show you my fabrics and first blocks

Happy dancing
My taupe DJ 9-0-0-66


Jeanne said...

That is exciting news! It's always more fun to experience fun things with a group of like-minded quilters.

Brigitte said...

hi Jeanne, you are absolutly right. Of course I talked about my memories of Shipshewana and the lovely ladies I met there! I also showed your nice DJ-house-block-quilt. hugs Brigitte

Margit said...

wie ich sehe, ist in höchstädt Dein lieblingsshop, schade, dass ich eine Std. Fahrzeit dorthin habe und wir uns bisher leider nie dort trafen ... es ist auch wirklich ein guter Laden, Fr. Kunz ist sehr nett und erklärt einem auch was!
Lg, Margit