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Friday, October 15, 2010

Longarmquilting experience

speaking of making progress in reducing UFOs -
Don't pile the UFOs - get them quilted!!!

I started to get my tops longarmquilted in 2oo5. Before I first traveled to my beloved Amish village Shipshewana in Indiana I send my Round Robin top to one of the local shops. Colleen worked on my quilt just in time, so I was able to see it still on the frame and she made the last stitches when I watched the process. That was a special moment in my life. I gave no rules and asked her to see what the quilt told her and she did a wonderful job!
Tried to find a pic but seems I have to make a new one soon.
Than I met Sue from Utah, who also has a longarmbusiness. She does wonderful work!!
My turquoise quilt was quilted by her. I got the fabrics from my DJ Secret Pal and added the Siggy rectangles the ladies signed in 2oo5. Sue quilted spools, buttons, cutters and scissors - perfect!
Now French friend Valerie of the DJ community who lived for some time in the States came back with her own longarm machine. She now quilted the first quilt of my friend Monika. I think I will send my text quilt to France!!!


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Cyn said...

Lovely quilt. Long armers are a special breed of artist, that is for sure. I admire them alot. It would make me scared to death to quilt someone else's quilt! lol.
How do you plan to bind this one?