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Friday, January 07, 2011

H 12 - Hannah's Heart - variations

Due to the fact that I'm the frontwoman of a Dear Jane group at the LQS I'm in charge to analyze the blocks more seriously than I would, if I just sew my Baby.
H 12 is an interesting block, which I sewed many times before for various charity projects (healing hugs quilts)
When I looked at this welknown block seriously I realized the difference between the original block made by Jane Stickle and the scetch Brenda Papadakis signed.
Somewhere in the worldwideweb I found the way to do it closer to Janes' version.
Unfortunatly I don't remember where - so if somebody knows the IT adress please let me know, I'ld love to give credit.

I pieced 8 triangles for the heartshapes ( see my picture from the back ) and appliqued the outer frame of the background fabric on top of it. This was a littly tricky because of the sharp points ....

The white-on-white / icy blue version is going to be an addition to some swapped blocks I have so far. A new built European Dear Jane Club is swapping Birthday blocks in colors we ask for - so my frosty blocks will get some company during 2o11.

I 1 is also finished - so it reads now
My taupe DJ 22-0-0-189

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